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Tiny Explorer Blog


Lucinda Waite

We’re kicking off our blog with the hot topic (no pun intended) of the importance of thermo-regulating properties in clothing for children and why this is worth its weight in gold.


A concept you will likely be only too familiar with, is that children have a tendency to change their play plans on a whim. What starts as a gentle dig down the bottom of the garden, might easily turn into being suspended upside down from the nearest oak tree, escalating into timed races back and forth to the house. Their body temperatures race up and down accordingly and it’s essential that this is supported, rather than restricted, by the clothing they wear.

At Töastie we are committed to using Responsible Down Standard fill in our jackets, giving peace of mind that the down and feather fill have full traceability.


We champion down as the most efficient form of insulation for our puffers - it is considerably warmer by weight that any other insulator. Down is long lasting and responds beautifully to a trip round the washing machine (plumping up as good as new), ensuring year on year of wear.

And crucially it is, quite literally, light as a feather. This means our puffer jackets are worn like a second skin, with the child feel free, rather than weighed down, by their outerwear.


We have put our jackets to the test throughout the seasons in the UK. Most recently on a damp, hostile January weekend in deepest darkest Wales, when the few shards of sunlight that came through were leapt on like a drop of water to a shipwrecked sailor. Regardless of the plummeting temperature, spirits remained high in the younger tiers of the camp and, despite a lengthy hike to an elusive Dam, the children remained happy and warm without sweat being trapped within the jacket.

Because… you guessed it. The thermo-regulating properties of the down make the puffer jacket incredibly breathable, whilst staying super snug.

Making the Töastie Puffer THE dream ‘all-season’ jacket.

We recently had the opportunity to road test our jackets on the other side of the spectrum, and indeed globe, working with the most inspirational family as they travelled from North California into Utah.


If you haven’t heard of them before, you must check out @MicroAdventureFamily on Instagram.


Prepare to want to drop everything and follow their path less trodden in search of greater existence!

This awesome family sold everything they owned, including their house, in favour of an RV, some choice truly essential belongings, and a life on the open road.

Hallllllelluia! Talk about a breath of fresh air!


From our conventional viewpoint this seems like an extreme move, however as they put it “once we got into the rhythm of daily microadventures, it quickly became our everyday reality. From the outside it may seem crazy and exhausting, but to us it’s just our adventurous life and how we spend our free time together.”

They are travelling with their two kids, Oakley and Cali aged 2 and 3, and we knew these would be the ultimate candidates for putting our puffer jackets through their paces. Not only were they in a hot and dry environment, but they were intermittently walking, clambering and being carried in stages, so they need to be wearing the most effective clothing for this kind of Tiny Explorer microadventure!


They sweetly reviewed our puffer jackets:

“The quality of these puffers is amazing – they are so soft and vibrant! I love the compatibility of the jackets and how lightweight they are. Makes for perfect travel jackets!”

As those wise adventurers of old will tell you there is ‘never the wrong weather, only the wrong gear’.

Follow the travels of the Microadventure family:



Welcome, Tiny Explorer!

Lucinda Waite


When we talk about the #TinyExplorer we are not just talking about little people donning hiking boots and going on Ranulph Fiennes worthy expeditions.

We are talking about little people, big environments.

We want to inspire children to be whoever they want to be. To be engaged by the natural world around them and to experience the power of new and unusual surroundings. Whether it’s exploring a remote cove or the urban undergrowth, gazing up at the bright lights of the biggest cities or counting the stars, we want to help forge inquisitive natures.

We will be taking time out to talk to our very own aspirational figures, to families that have reinvented the ‘norm’ and to look at powerful topics that have bearings on our day to day lives.

Whether you choose to pull on your wellington boots, your hi-top sneaks, or abandon shoes entirely, there’s a #TinyExplorer in all of us.

We’re ALL square pegs in round holes round here, so welcome to the gang!

We’re ALL square pegs in round holes round here, so welcome to the gang!